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Brake Job After A Trip to Gingerman
The quality of the pics is not good because I used the same camera in which I busted the lens with the car’s door while at the track. Need to get another one. But I hope that you can see that the brake pads are gone and the heat from braking was so high that the dust seals that cover the brake pistons have burned through.
The front brake rotors also need to be replaced because not only that they are all scratched up but also badly warped. The rear rotors could stay but need to be turned. I used to have more faith in brake engineers until Gingerman.
I used Valvoline DOT4 synthetic brake fluid. It did not boil, at least I could not tell if it did because I still had brakes before every turn. But I am going to use Motul anyway next time. Do not want to find out that I have no brakes while going 100 mph.




This is what’s left of the dust seals. Gotta get some new ones.




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