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Data Logging With LabJack
LabJack is a cool little thing that sells for only $99. I wired it into the stock ECU harness and into the AVC-R boost sensor harness in order to log boost.
The guys at LabJack Corporation are very nice. They modified their LJlogger program for me to log eight DC voltage channels plus one counter (frequency) at rates up to16.7 samples per second.
Below are some of the parts of my drive to work in the morning. I bought two thermistors and also logged some temperatures. It was about 55F (13C) outside at that time.
I noticed some not-so-great things about these numbers. I suspected a problem long time ago, and here is the confirmation. I think I am getting some spark blowout even at boost levels of 0.9 bar. My spark plugs are gapped at 0.032” but that does not seem to help. Hey, time for some upgraded ignition coils.



Other cool things LabJack can do. It can work as an oscilloscope, when in burst mode, with scan rates of up to 4096 samples per second.







Correlation between the boost pressure and the APEXi AVC-R boost sensor voltage:


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