1995 3000GT: Defi Oil Pressure And Temperature Sensors Installation

These instructions apply to a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4, but are easily transferable to any model/year of 3000GT or Dodge Stealth.

The Procedure

Drill Holes In Sandwich Plate
  The Sandwich Plate is designed to turn the two threaded holes into an in/out pair so that you can attach an oil cooler or remote filter. My goal was to use this as a pass-through device where I could mount my sensors, so I wanted the oil to flow vertically through the plate. Thus I drilled six 3/8" holes in the plate as shown in the picture. The aluminum plate is very soft, so drilling was easy.

I also drilled and tapped a 1/8" NPT hole in the side of the sandwich plate to mount the temperature sensor. Again, drilling and tapping was very easy with the soft aluminum.


Assemble the Sandwich Plate and Sensors
  Here's everything assembled with appropriate teflon tape to ensure good connections. I figure it's ok for the pressure sensor (top) to be in the recessed area of the plate, because pressure measurements don't need to be made directly in the flow of oil. I chose to mount the temperature sensor in the side of the plate (rather in the other 3/8" NPT hole) so that it would be more directly in the flow of oil. This ensures that I will get an accurate temperature reading.


Remove Stock Oil Filter
  The stock oil filter mounting location - obviously with the filter removed.


Mount the Plate/Sensor Assembly
  Here's the sandwich plate assembly attached to the oil filter mount. The plate itself just slides on and then is anchored in place by the threaded bushing-like whatchamakallit (technical term) that screws into the stock oil filter mount threads. Don't forget to put the smaller of the two O-rings on the upper side of the sandwich plate, as this is what makes the seal between the plate and the filter mount. Make sure you tighen down the plate securely or you'll be leaking oil.


Reinstall Oil Filter
  Everything put back together. The filter is still doing its job and the sensors get to do their thing, too. It's also completely reversible if you ever need to remove the sensors/plate. I ran the sensor wires up along the driver's side of the radiator and then followed the A/C pipe to the grommet in the firewall near the brake master cylinder.


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