1995 3000GT VR-4: TEC Front Strut Tower Brace

These instructions apply to a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4, but are easily transferable to any model/year of 3000GT or Dodge Stealth.

The Procedure

Remove the Left Battery Hold Down Bar Nut
  A 10mm socket will do the trick. Also remove the nut that holds the hard vacuum line stay (TT cars only).


Remove the Right Battery Hold Down Bar Nut
  A 10mm socket or wrench will do the trick. The battery hold down bracket is now free, so remove it from the engine bay.


[Optional] Remove Battery Terminals
  You'll need to do this if you're replacing your stock battery with a smaller one. I needed a 10mm and 12mm wrench to remove the terminals. Always disconnect the negative terminal before the positive terminal. If you're not replacing your battery, just be sure the positive terminal is covered with a towel or something non-conductive, lest you drop a wrench onto it and weld your wrench to your frame. I, of course, have had no personal experience with this situation, specifically not with a 1985 Toyota Tercel. :-)


[Optional] Remove Battery and Swap for New One


Remove Nuts on the Upper Strut Mount.
  Use a 14mm socket or wrench to remove the three nuts holding the upper strut mount. Be sure the car is on the ground at this point, as you don't want your strut to fall off the car. After this, you will be able to lift up the dust cover (ECS cars only). Be careful of the ECS wire running through the dust cover, and you may want to slide the ECS wiring harness connector off of the metal stay attached to the rear nut. Repeat for other side.


Remove the Bracket that the ECS Wiring Harness Attaches To
  You need to remove the metal bracket from the rubber dust cover. Just pull and wiggle. It'll come out. Repeat for other side.


Modify the Rear Bracket on the Dust Cover
  Using a Dremel tool (or something similar), cut off the straight part of the bracket as shown in the picture. This allows the brace to mount to the strut tower without interfering with the bracket. Repeat for other side.


Attach the New Battery Bracket To the Strut Tower Brace
  Assemble the new battery bracket as shown in the picture using the supplied hardware. Attach it to the brace with the 11mm nuts and place the brace into the car, aligning it with the studs on the upper strut mount. The smaller nuts on the battery brace are 11/32". Once the brace is settled, adjust the battery bracket so that it securely holds the battery in place. You'll also need to put the stock rod that goes alongside the battery (on the driver's side) into the hole in the new battery bracket and attach the "hook" end to the battery tray. Then, put the spacer on the rod and use the stock washer and nut to secure it. Then attach the bracket for the hard vacuum line as it is in the stock configuration. I forgot to do the rod/washer/nut/bracket thing at this point, so I ended up doing it later (harder). You'll see it in the final picture.


Reattach the Upper Strut Nuts.
  Use a 14mm socket or wrench reinstall the nuts over the strut tower brace. Tighten them to 33 ft-lbs. Theoretically, you should have the dust cover reinstalled at this point, but I was unable to get the brace to fit with the dust cover in place. Thus I removed the two brackets that usually go under the nuts to hold down the dust cover. My dust covers are now only anchored with the outer nut/bracket and fit snugly between the strut tower and the brace. Repeat for other side.

Update July, 2003
I've found that by removing the metal brackets from the front and side parts of the ECS dust cover, securing the nuts with the brackets installed under them, and then feeding the dust cap onto the brackets, I can securely attach the dust covers with the brace installed.


Finish with the Battery Bracket and Dust Cover.
  Finish tightening down the battery bracket to securely hold the battery in place. Tighten the third 14mm nut on the strut mount stud after attaching the dust cover (if you haven't already done this). This nut also needs to be tightened to 33ft-lbs.


Admire Your Finished Work


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