1995 3000GT VR-4: Stillen Downpipe Installation

These instructions apply to a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4, but are easily transferable to any year of AWD 3000GT or Dodge Stealth.

The Procedure

Raise and Support Front End
  Raise up and support the front end of the car by your method of choice. If you're not using a lift or ramps, then make sure you use jackstands. Never get under a car that is not securely supported - and a floor jack is not a secure support.


Unbolt the Front Bank Connection
  Using your 19mm socket, remove the two nuts that anchor the front warm-up catalytic converter (precat) to the front oxygen sensor housing.


Unbolt the Rear Bank Connection
  Using your 19mm socket, remove the two nuts that anchor the downpipe to the rear oxygen sensor housing.


Remove Exhaust Hanger
  Remove the 12mm bolt that anchors the exhaust hanger to the downpipe. You can actually remove the rubber part completely because the Stillen pipe does not make use of an exhaust hanger here.


Unbolt Catalytic Converter
  Unbolt the rear side (or both sides) of the catalytic converter using a 17mm wrench or socket.


[optional] Gut Rear Precat
  Since the Stillen downpipe replaces the catalytic converter, you've already committed the car to off-road use only. Might as well gut (remove contents of) the rear warm-up catalytic converter, too. This will improve exhaust flow and rear turbine spool-up. This process gets dust EVERYWHERE, so wear adequate protective equipment. My equipment consisted of goggle, a respirator, a face shield, and a painter's suit. I still had dust and crap in my hair and on my skin after it was all done, even with all that protection....
Note:If you use the car on public highways in the future, be sure to replace your catalytic converter and install a non-gutted rear warm-up catalytic converter.


Stock and Stillen Comparison
  Stock on top, Stillen on bottom


Install Stillen Downpipe
  Remember to use new gaskets, and put anti-seize compound on the nuts/bolts when you install the Stillen pipe. If you have a 1991-1993 model, it should be really easy. If you have a 1994+ model, you may need a BFH (Big Frickin Hammer) to coax the front connection on - put the rear bank connection on first. I even had to drill out the holes in the rear bank connection a little to make mine fit well. Drilling stainless steel sucks... use a titanium bit and lots of cutting oil to keep it cool.


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