1995 3000GT VR-4: Turbo Timer Installation

These instructions apply to a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4, but are easily transferable to any model/year of 3000GT or Dodge Stealth.

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The Procedure

Examine Turbo Timer Harness
  Shown is the HKS MT-1 Turbo Timer Harness. It has 3 connectors on it: one male/female pair of connectors for the OEM ignition switch harness and one 3-pin connector for the Turbo Timer. The harness is essentially a pass-through connector for the ignition switch wiring, with taps (tees) into the battery(B+), ignition (IG1) and accessory (ACC) circuit wires.


Locate and Disconnect Ignition Switch Wiring
  Under the steering column is where the ignition switch wiring harness resides. It's a 6-pin connector that will match the two large connectors on the turbo timer harness. You may want to remove the lower dash panel to access the wiring harness if you don't see it immediately or don't have long/small fingers. The white harness with the blue top hanging out of the dash in the picture is the disconnected OEM harness.


Plug in Turbo Timer Wiring Harness
  After disconnecting the ignition switch harness, you'll have a male and female end of the OEM wiring harness hanging there - those get connected to the two connectors on the Turbo Timer harness. Snap them together and move the wires out of the way. Zip ties may help here.


Locate E-brake Wire
  To ensure that the Turbo Timer will not allow the car to operate if the emergency brake is not engaged, you'll need to splice into that wire and connect the Turbo Timer's wire to that. The OEM wire is shown here - it's near the base of the emergency brake handle assembly and is a single (yellow, green stripe) wire. Attach your T-tap to this wire wherever it's convenient.


Connect Turbo Timer E-Brake Wire
  Attach the Male Quick-Disconnect fitting onto the end of the Turbo Timer wire (purple in my case) and connect it to the T-Tap you installed in the previous step. Zip tie the wire appropriately to keep it out of harm's way.


Mount Turbo Timer
  This part is totally up to you - you can just tape it somewhere convenient, or your can go through the trouble to mount it like I did. This location works great for me, although from this camera angle, the polarized lenses on the boost controller (blue) and Turbo Timer (amber) make the display unreadable. Their readability from a normal driving position is just fine. And if you're wondering, the LEDs above the boost controller are indicators for my water injection system.


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