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Digital Inclinometer (Camber Tool)

Digital Inclinometer (Camber Tool)

This digital inclinometer is easy to use and handy to have around the garage or in the pits. With large, easy to read numbers, it is deal for setting and checking camber, wing angles and for various automotive and household projects that require measuring inclination. It is accurate to 0.1 degrees.

To measure your camber, he unit may be mounted to an aluminum plate, or a ruler of some sort, and pressed against the rim. The reading will display your camber. If the car is parked on an uneven surface, the inclinometer can be easily zeroed with a touch of a button before use.

If the camber needs to be changed by say 1 degrees, the car needs to be jacked up and the camber needs to be measured again with the wheel hanging in the air. Adjust your camber by 1 degree with your camber bolts or camber plates. Then you drop the car back on the ground your camber is changed by 1 degrees. If you use camber plates you do not even need to take the wheel off the car. It is that simple!

A bonus tip:
Save your cash and never pay for alignment again. To adjust your toe, use a laser level! Lean the laser level on its side horizontally against the front wheel and shine the beam at the rear wheel. The rear track on 3/S is 20 mm (0.8") wider than the front. If you see the laser beam too close to the rear wheel you have a toe-out. Too far - you have a toe-in. From there you do the math if you need to set your toe to a specified value.

Commercially available "Toe Plates" work just as well to set toe, or perhaps even simpler and more straightforward.


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