*KAAZ AWD-Rear Limited Slip Differential

*KAAZ AWD-Rear Limited Slip Differential

The KAAZ 3/S REAR LSD Specifications:
  • ***NEW and improved!*** Clutch disks with KAAZ Super-Q treatment.
  • ***NEW and improved!*** An improved half-shaft retainer utilizes the stock C-clips like the OEM diff.
  • Multi-disk clutch type
  • 1.5 way with a preload - More forward lockup for better acceleration, less engine braking lockup for better turn-in, preloaded with cone springs for high lateral G cornering.
  • Compatible with all-wheel steering.
  • Works in 5 and 6 speed rear ends, in the US, JDM, UK, all other markets.
  • Comes with a 2 liter can of KAAZ gear oil.

    Does your owner's manual say your 3/S comes with a limited slip differential in the rear? The stock rear differential has a small and weak viscous coupling unit in it (VCU), which goes bad very quickly. The repair manual test procedure for the rear VCU is to jack up the car with all the wheels in the air and turn one of the rear wheels by hand. If the rear diff VCU is good, then the front wheels and other rear wheel will turn in the same direction. But if the rear VCU is blown, then the front wheels will not, but other rear wheel will turn in the opposite direction, which is exactly what we've seen on most cars. This is why we approached KAAZ to design a rear differential for us.

    This LSD is great for street driving and for all kinds of racing. For drag racing, in a straight line full throttle acceleration it completely prevents the spinning of one wheel relatively to the other, thereby maximizing the rear traction and increasing acceleration.

    In road racing and autocross, it acts as a torque-sensing differential, progressively increasing the differential lockup with the increase of the driveline torque that is sent to the rear axle. Due to the static preload, it also allows torque to be sent to the outside rear wheel when the inside rear wheel is in the air in tight autocross turns. This important feature improves the performance of the 3/S AWD system, especially on cars with upgraded power and suspension.
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