StopTech Four-Wheel BBK - 3/S Turbo - ST-60 355x32/328x28mm kit
[ST-60 355328]

StopTech Four-Wheel BBK - 3/S Turbo - ST-60 355x32/328x28mm kit

Supercar Engineering in collaboration with StopTech has developed a brake upgrade system for all Dodge Stealth and Mitsubishi 3000GT models.

The unique features of StopTech kits are:

  • Tested and designed specifically for the 3/S cars with caliper pistons sized to optimize the brake balance and ABS performance.
  • StopTech front ST-60 six-piston caliper utilizes a unique patented bolt-in bridge, making it three times stiffer than comparable calipers, which results in less vibration and noise, and better pedal feel due to less flexing.
  • NEW! StopTech ST-22 calipers, made specifically to match rear systems best. Machined from billet aluminum. Uses standard FMSI 961 pads.
  • Superior and unmatched quality!
  • StopTech Patent Pending AeroRotors® are manufactured at QS-9000 registered facilities. They flow more air than any rotor available, meaning less brake fade and longer rotor and pad life.
  • StopTech 7075-T6 billet aluminum AeroHats® are directionally vented for improved cooling.
  • Floating drive system with a unique Inconel® spring washer anti-rattle system allows for rotor expansion due to heat and virtually eliminates rotor warping.
  • Stainless steel braided brake lines for improved brake control.
  • Rubber dust boots to keep dust and water away from pistons and piston seals.
  • Red or Black calipers are standard, silver, yellow, blue and gold colors are available.
  • Available with a widest selection of brake pads.

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    Please specify rotor type when ordering. Slotted rotors are standard. Drilled - $200 extra per car set. Plain rotors are available as a free option.

    This product is sold exclusively by your StopTech dealer Supercar Engineering.

    Available Options:

    Caliper color:

    Rotor type:

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    Supercar Engineering
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