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1st Annual 3000GT/Stealth National Gathering

August 8-11, 2002, Elkhart, Indiana

Autocross videos:

bulletRun 2 (wmv, 32 sec, 1.0MB)
bulletRun 3 (wmv, 22 sec, 0.7MB)
bulletRun 5 (wmv, 54 sec, 1.8MB)
bulletRun 6 (wmv, 63 sec, 2.1MB) <-- fastest run

Track Event videos:

bulletwarm-up laps with Dave Trent (wmv, 7 min, 13.3MB)
bulletdriving with Dave Trent (wmv, 20 min, 40.1MB)
bulletdriving with Chuck Willis (wmv, 17 min, 34.4MB)


bulletPictures Road Racing
bulletMore Pictures NG bits-n-pieces

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