Brake Caliper Stiffening Bolts

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Replace the stock TT caliper clevis pins, which hold your brake pads, with these stainless steel bolts. The stock clevis pins do nothing but hold the brake pads in place. Shouldn`t they be doing something more? Like on most racing brakes, these bolts would squeeze the calipers and make them stiffer. Stiffer calipers result in a stiffer brake pedal, quicker brake applications and shorter stopping distances.

Made of stainless steel with stainless steel locking nuts – quality parts that won`t rust or stain. Install – 5 minutes. A great add-on to new brake pads, brake rotors, or stainless steel brake lines!

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  1. James Anderson III (verified owner)

    My brakes had a broken factory spring clip, and were making a squealing sound when slowing down gently. I believe it was from the spring clips holding the retaining clip so loosely. I purchased a set of these caliper bolts, installed them, and the noise not only went away, the brakes feel a bit firmer as well. I installed them on my 95 VR4 coupe, purchased a set for my red 95 VR4 spyder in the rear (I have the SCE StopTech 14″ kit in front), and am purchasing a kit (F&R) for my black 95 VR4 spyder as well!

    Highly recommended and simple to install when changing pads or cleaning wheels!

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