Shipping and Returns


We try to ship orders the same or next day. You will be notified that the order was received and you will also be supplied with a tracking number. If we anticipate an extended shipment delay due to fabrication lead times or other issues, we will notify you via email of the circumstances.

If an order is placed using a credit card, the card will not be billed until the order is ready to ship. An exception would be if an order is for a custom product, when a partial or full payment would be required. You will then be notified about this. Good customer communication is our high priority.

United States

Most of our shipping is done through FedEx. The website shopping cart is preset for FedEx and USPS Priority Mail shipping. If you require UPS or other shipping, please contact us for a rate quote.


The shopping cart system typically does not calculate international shipping charges. For orders to which sufficient or no shipping charges have been applied by the shopping cart system, shipping will be calculated and charged separately to the same card used for the order. If you have a preferred international carrier, you must specify in your order or notify Supercar Engineering via email.

NOTE: Supercar Engineering is not responsible for any import duties or taxes that might be levied by customs or international shipping agents.


Supercar Engineering makes every attempt to package shipments in a safe and secure manner. Items are packaged in shipment boxes with packing and fill materials to protect the contents from damage in transit. Boxes are securely taped to prevent opening and lost items in transit. Upon receipt of the package, the receiver needs to inspect items to ensure all items which were invoiced were received. If any items are damaged or missing and not noted as backordered on the invoice, the receiver must contact Supercar Engineering as soon as possible. If a claim with the shipping courier is required, all packaging materials MUST be kept until the issue is resolved.


Shipments may be insured at the request of the customer. FedEx insurance rates are $0.35 / $100 declared value.


Sales tax will be charged on all Michigan shipments, unless valid resale certificate is on file.


Shipments will normally have an invoice included with the shipment, or in some cases emailed to the customer with the items, which will list all the items ordered. Any items which are backordered or not included in the shipment for other reasons (e.g., a drop-shipment direct from a manufacturer), will be noted on the invoice. The receiver is required to double-check to confirm that all items invoiced as shipped were received. If there are any discrepancies between the invoice and items received, the receiver is required to contact Supercar Engineering within 3 days of receipt. Prices and product availability are subject to change. Please verify prices and availability prior to ordering. If an invoice is unpaid for 30 days there is 2% monthly interest charge, unless special payment arrangements are made in advance. By placing an order you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


New Parts:

To return goods for exchange or credit, please call Supercar Engineering. Any items received without a prior notification will be refused.

All returned goods must be in their original packaging or equivalent that meets or exceed the requirements for shipping the corresponding goods. All items must be properly wrapped and packed for shipment.

All goods must be returned freight pre-paid and insured. Returned goods must be unused and in new condition. Shipping charges are not refundable.

Returns are accepted within 30 days. If returned merchandise is unused and the packaging is intact, a full store credit will apply. If you would prefer a refund instead of a store credit, a 20% restocking fee will be deducted. Returns after 30 days are are not accepted.

New items purchased from Supercar Engineering which have been used or installed are not returnable / refundable. We recommend Ebay for selling used parts.

Exception: New parts purchased from Supercar Engineering which are found to have a manufacturers defect can be exchanged for the same part. The part must be returned to Supercar Engineering for inspection and claim with the manufacturer. Parts which fail due to improper installation are the responsibility of the buyer/user.

Used Parts:

Used parts purchased from Supercar Engineering are sold as is and are not returnable and carry no warranty or guarantee. Condition of used parts will be fully disclosed as accurately as possible prior to sale.

Custom, Special Orders and Custom Manufacturing:

Custom and special orders and custom manufactured parts are not returnable nor refundable, unless arrangements have been made prior to shipment, and carry no warranty or guarantee unless provided prior to shipment. We do our best to resolve all the issues and often go beyond the call of duty, however all such service is done at the sole discretion of Supercar Engineering.

Additional Brake Kit Specific Terms and Conditions

Wheel to Caliper Clearance

Supercar Engineering strives to give as much wheel clearance as possible on each kit we design. On some kits we can clear the stock wheels, about which we would mention in the product description. Our 328 and 332mm rotor kits typically require at least 17 rims, and our 355 mm kits typically require at least 18� rims. Note: 1st generation 3/S wheels will not clear any complete brake kits. Another critical clearance is the spokes of the wheel to the outer face of the caliper clearance. Do not assume an 18, 19 or even larger wheels will clear the outer face of the caliper. Refer to the wheel fitment charts to confirm if a particular wheel will fit. Final fitment of the wheel to the caliper is the responsibility of the customer.

Wheel spacers can provide extra clearance to the outer face of the caliper. This will also space out the entire wheel, widening the track width of the vehicle. Basic suspension settings will generally not be adversely affected by a slight widening (up to 3mm per side) of the track. Fender clearances should be checked on lowered cars, and longer lug studs may be required. It is the responsibility of the customer to insure wheel spacers are properly specified and installed.

Brake Vibration

The most common causes of brake vibration are run-out and thickness variations on the rotor. Double sided disk machining or grinding insures the rotor run-out is within +/- 0.002″ when installed on our aluminum hat. Thickness variation is within 0.0003″. Actual rotor thickness variation will never change, though pad material may get deposited unevenly on one or more spots of the rotor face. Under the most extreme conditions, any rotor will suffer uneven pad deposition due to improper bed-in or exceeding the pad MOT (Maximum Operating Temperature). This deposited material will induce a vibration, and if severe enough, can only be cured by turning or replacing the rotor. Not following proper break-in procedures for the rotor and pads, or using street pads on the track are the most common causes of brake vibration. Leaving a foot on the brake pedal when the brakes are hot will also cause pad deposits on the rotor. Supercar Engineering is not liable for vibrations caused by extreme usage or improper break-in procedures.

Brake Noise

Certain brake pad compounds make more noise than others. Brake compounds distributed by Supercar Engineering are among the quietest. Proper anti-squeal shim plates between the caliper pistons and backing plate of the pad help reduce the problem. Anti-squeal lubricants are also available to reduce some of the noise. The reality is, performance pads are more prone to brake squeal. The customer is responsible for any squeal related problems due to pad selection.