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These precision plastic pieces are specially made to lock in place the cam gears of your Mitsubishi 3000GT/Dodge Stealth DOHC engine. Indispensable tools, they will immensely simplify your 60K maintenance, or any other engine work that requires removal of the timing belt.

These Cam Gear Lockers will lock your cam gears in place effortlessly. Without them, you will have to resort to homemade contraptions or one-size-fits-all tools, which do not fit any application well. Yes, we tried them all, and these lockers are the best. They will save you a lot of time. They are a must-have in your toolbox. Just align the timing marks on the cam gears and slide one piece in, then slide in the other one. They are precision engineered to fit.

Installation tips:

  • Align the gear timing marks first.
  • Slide one Cam Gear Locker first. Note, they are tapered, so insert the tapered end first!
  • Once one locker is inserted, slide the other one in. Wiggle the timing belt, if necessary, by turning the crank.
  • Voila! Now the timing belt can be removed safely. How long did it take you? 1-2 minutes??? Yep.

1 review for Supercar Engineering Cam Gear Lockers

  1. Jack Tertadian

    These cam gear lockers are one of the BEST small items I have for my car!! It is SO much easier and _SAFER_ installing OR REMOVING the timing belt AND taking the heads off the engine without worrying about the cams slipping and bending valves. They fit very tightly and won’t fall out.
    Simple, and Ingenious! This is money WELL SPENT for ANY 3S engine builder/modifier.
    Thanks Phil/Supercar Engineering for making this UNIQUE product for OUR cars!
    Jack Tertadian “X-Wing”
    1993 3000GT VR4, FIRST Mitsubishi OR DSM in the 10’s in 1997…World Record ET holder 1994 to 2002
    1994 3000GT VR4 World Record ET holder 2005

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