* SCE 3/S-EVO8 Suspension Adapters


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Supercar Engineering 3/S-EVO8 Suspension Adapters

The choice of suspension kits for your car has suddenly grown. Now virtually any suspension kit on the market can be bolted onto your 3/S with only minor and easy modifications.

These adapters will allow you to bolt on any Mitsubishi EVO-8 or 9 suspension kit onto your AWD 3000GT VR-4 or Stealth R/T TT. EVO is a similar car with a similar weight distribution, and is only a few hundred pounds lither than the 3/S. Any EVO suspension kit with reasonably stiff springs will work fine on the 3/S.

The kit consists of:
– Front lower mount CNC-machined oval adapter washers, bolts and nuts;
– Rear lower mount CNC-machined tapered billet anodized aluminum adapters, washers, bolts and nuts.

The rear upper mounts on the EVO are exactly the same as on the 3/S, so no modifications or adapters are needed.

The front upper mounts have 3 bolts that are positioned on a slightly smaller bolt circle. The holes on the body need to be slightly opened up to allow the EVO upper mounts to be bolted on. Spend 15 minutes with a round file to make the holes longer, and you would be able to bolt on the EVO suspension or the 3/S body. The holes are then covered with the mounting nuts and this modification becomes invisible.

Enjoy running any brand name suspension you like on you 3/S!

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