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These laser cut Titanium backing plates are installed behind your brake pads to stop the transfer of heat from the pads into the brake calipers, extending the seal life and reducing the possibility of brake fluid boiling.

Titanium is one of the least heat conductive metals. Its light weight has nothing to do with the material choice here. Its low heat condictivity creates problems in some applications and during machining, but in this appplication it is a big advantage. These plates are a must-have with hot-running performance brake pads. They will pay for themselves first time they save your rubber dust boots.

Available for the following applications:

  • 531 – 3000GT/Stealth Turbo Front
  • 372 – StopTech ST40 (add $100)
  • 1247 – StopTech ST60 (add $100)The prices are shown per axle set (4 plates)

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