StopTech Big Brake Kit – 3000GT/Stealth Turbo ’91-99 – 355x35mm

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Supercar Engineering in collaboration with StopTech has developed a brake upgrade system for all Dodge Stealth and Mitsubishi 3000GT models.

The unique features of StopTech kits are:

  • Tested and designed specifically for the 3/S cars with caliper pistons sized to optimize the brake balance and ABS performance.
  • StopTech ST-40 four-piston caliper utilizes a unique patented bolt-in bridge, making it three times stiffer than comparable calipers, which results in less vibration and noise, and better pedal feel due to less flexing.
  • Superior and unmatched quality!
  • StopTech Patent Pending AeroRotors® are manufactured at QS-9000 registered facilities. They flow more air than any rotor available, meaning less brake fade and longer rotor and pad life.
  • StopTech 7075-T6 billet aluminum AeroHats® are directionally vented for improved cooling.
  • Floating drive system with a unique Inconel® spring washer anti-rattle system allows for rotor expansion due to heat and virtually eliminates rotor warping.
  • Stainless steel braided brake lines for improved brake control.
  • Rubber dust boots to keep dust and water away from pistons and piston seals.
  • Red or Black calipers are standard, silver, yellow and blue colors are available.
  • Available with a widest selection of brake pads. Comes with Axxis Ultimate pads.
  • Available for all Turbo and NA 3S models!

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    This product is sold exclusively by your StopTech dealer Supercar Engineering.

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    Weight 74 lbs
    Caliper color


    Rotor type


    Zinc coated rotors


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    1. Nicholas Zenz

      This kit’s performance with Carbotech XP-10 pads at Road America (one of the fastest road courses in the US) was incredible, no fade whatsoever the entire day. This was with in a car with DR-500 turbos and no brake cooling ducts going full out on the straights. Well worth the price to not have to worry about overheating the brakes ever again.
      Fit perfectly in my 18 inch volk rims and there is greater spoke clearance than with stock calipers.

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